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There are two gyms with a wide range of equipment in the downstairs of Vesihelmi: in the air-raid shelter there is a warm-up / stretching room with punching bags and in the lobby there is a wide variety of aerobic equipment. The price of admission includes the unlimited use of gyms, and because there is no time limit, you have plenty of time to enjoy all of the services. After exercising, it feels great to go into the cold pool to recover or to the Jacuzzi to enjoy the warmth and massaging jets, not to mention a refreshing swim and sauna.  

Gym 1 contains great equipment for fitness training as well as heavier workouts. There are plenty of dumbbells and free weights, along with equipment and kettlebells. Many local successful weightlifters, athletes and players of ball games have chosen this gym as their own training place.  

Gym 2 is focused more on a wide variety of equipment and group exercise. High quality equipment and a suitable amount of weights provide the opportunity for effective and versatile training.  Information about possible reservations and events can be found at vakiovaraukset/kuntosali  

The three gyms located in the air-raid shelter contain punching bags, wall bars, fitness balls, kettlebells, ropes and stretching mats. The walls withstand the throwing of fitness balls and the space is excellent for fitness groups, for example.  

There are many kinds of aerobic machines in the lobby: exercise bikes, cross trainers, treadmill, Wattbike, rowing machine and cross-country skiing equipment. 

The wide range of facilities and equipment invite you to train!    

Gym 1 systems and equipment: